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With seven weeks to go before the film comes out, new details about The Shack — and a new trailer for the film — have come online.

First, Publishers Weekly has a profile of The Shack novelist William Paul Young, who notes that a significant change has been made to the story’s main character:

Although Young called the film a “faithful adaptation” to his novel, the author noted a major difference between the main character in the book, Mack, and the character onscreen. “I framed the book within someone in a difficult religious situation, someone with a stern sense of Christianity,” said Young.

In the film, however, Mack is doubtful of God rather than simply frustrated by religion–a significant difference. “Mack is a broken, angry believer in the book, and in the movie he’s not a disappointed believer, but agnostic,” said Windblown Media president and CEO Brad Cummings, who served as producer of the film. “We wanted to take this movie to a wider audience, and the easy way to do this was to shift Mack to be just like an average moviegoer that I think a lot of people can relate to.”

Second, Sounds Like Nashville spoke to Tim McGraw, who recorded a new song for the film with his wife Faith Hill, and who also plays Mack’s best friend Willie. McGraw says his character is meant to be a sort of audience surrogate, too:

Starring alongside critically-acclaimed actors like Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer, the country singer had to pull his own weight in the role of Willie, Worthington’s best friend in the movie. The character moves himself as somewhat of a voice of reason, and McGraw also used his own voice outside of Willie to narrate the film and carry the viewers through the dramatic journey of Worthington’s life.

“My character Willie is sort of the lead character’s best friend and sort of the audience in a lot of ways of the movie, and looks at it from the audience perspective. I narrate the film as well, which is pretty much a treat for me to be able to do that and sort of be the voice of the film,” he said recently.

Third, The Shack, like some other “faith-based” films, will have a special screening the night before it opens, on March 2, featuring cast interviews, some behind-the-scenes stuff and a musical performance by Dan + Shay. You can buy tickets for that here.

Finally, here is the new trailer, which first appeared on the People website:


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